NFJU – Univerzal

NFJU – Univerzal

The pumps are designed for pumping serviceable water or slightly polluted and turbid water with a specific gravity up to 1 050 kg/m3, max. temperature of 35 °C. The maximum permissible submersion is 10 meters.


The pumps are suitable for pumping the water for industrial purposes or slightly polluted water. Maximum submersion is up to 10 m. They are intended for versatile application: to pump turbid and polluted waste water, to pump or to fill tanks, to pump water from water wells, basins and pools, to pump slurry from catch pits and sumps, to drain flooded areas (e.g. cellars, canals, chambers, trenches, etc.), for watering and irrigating gardens, for circulation and airing water in basins, ponds etc.


The hydraulic part consists of a volute body with suction cover. A half-open impeller, which is fixed on the shaft of the electric motor, is located in the pump body. A suction strainer is located on the suction cover which prevents penetration of coarse impurities into the pump. The mechanical part consists of comparment of the motor body. An electric motor and shaft with a fixed rotor winding is located in area of the motor body. The pump is equipped with a float switch, which automatically switches on the pump when surface is maximal and switches off when surface is minimal. The mechanical and hydraulic parts are separate by a mechanical seal and interspaced, which is half filled with ecological oil Ekohyd 46. Electric motor area is filled with transformer oil ITO 100.
An electric motor 230V, 50Hz. The power cord is terminated two-pole plug.
The pump can be supplied to the voltage 500 V, 50 Hz.


AL - volute body, suction cover and motor body - aluminium, shaft - constructional steel, impeller - grey cast iron, handle and suction strainer – plastic

Delivery range

pump with float - version - 600
pump without float - version - 601

Aggregate Max.
flow rate
Design speed
Input motor
motor current
motor voltage
value [A]
14 3,6 2885 550 1010 5,4 230 6 13
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