Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps UVHJ/UVHD find their application in food, chemical, metallurgical and construction industries. They are intended to exhaust air, gases and vapors mainly from water vapor. Vacuum pumps in the ZC, TC, AC version may exhaust gases which are chemically aggressive. Gases may be slightly contaminated by solid particles.

The UVHE rank ejectors are used as attachment to the liquid ring vacuum pumps UVHD. The equipment, consisting of an ejector and liquid ring vacuum pump, is intended to exhaust air, gas, steam at a pressure from below 6 kPa absolute pressure up to 0,5 kPa absolute pressure.


Vacuum pumps SZO are intended to exhaust air, gases and steams, which are chemically active and inactive, mechanically pure and partially polluted.


Liquid ring compressors are horizontal, single-acting rotary engines, depending on, whether the gas is sucked in and discharged on one side or on both sides of the impeller, and they are considered as unilateral or bilateral.

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